Earn more as a Distributor doing what you do best.

A buying community that doesn't just drive progress and profits. It builds an innovative and positive force in the catering industry which in today's competitive world is key to increased market share, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

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Being A Distributor.

Our continued drive for change progress and growth helps our members increase their profitability.

In today’s challenging economic environment, we strive to reduce the complexity and demands of the industry by working with the top companies to achieve extra ordinary results.

Our mission is to be a positive force on the catering industry, making changes that drive progress and growth, backed by our community of committed members who want to see you succeed!

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Key Benefits


Our voices are bigger as a community. Join a strong group of likeminded distributors and innovative suppliers. Many voices are better than one.

Trading Terms

Access to more favourable terms, special deals and retrospective rebates.


You’ve work hard for your retro, so we make sure you get 100% of the retro that the suppliers offer.


Training is crucial to your success; we host voluntary training session from our suppliers to distributor teams to help increase knowledge and profits.


Network with all your suppliers under one roof. We all know that stronger relationships drive better business.

Leading Suppliers

You are looking for outstanding service, prompt delivery, extensive variety, and unwavering trust. We work with suppliers you can count on.

Success Stories

  • “ENSE has been a hugely important part of our growth. We’ve been able to invest in personnel, vehicles and infrastructure directly as a result of our membership. This would have been unattainable without targeting our purchasing through the group”.

    David Burnett CFSP – Director, Fulcrum Commercial Kitchens


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  • "We feel part of a community, we have streamlined our supply chain and because of that we have grown year on year on year."

    Paul Turnbull, Catering Projects


    Catering Projects Logo
  • "I have a broader range of products that I can offer the customer and that means I can find the right thing for the customer at the right time. "

    Ian Parsons, Walker Catering Supplies


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    We have become an essential strategy for growth with our Distributors.

    Increased margins, benefits from member-to-member business and our supplier network has created an automated efficient supply chain, providing commercial opportunities and benefits.

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