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At CPL it is important to strategies in all aspects of business. An essential part of the strategy is in adopting a consolidated and focused approach to procurement. We have endeavoured for a number of years to reduce our supply chain ensuring we operate efficiently and maintain the strong supplier partnerships. Joining ENSE enabled our team to access a ready formed consolidated supply chain. It ensures that as a business we remain focused on the ENSE supplier network creating an automated efficient supply chain and providing commercial opportunities and benefits.

Paul Turnbull, Catering Projects Ltd


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See everyone in one place, once or twice a year, works well. To anyone who isn’t an ENSE member. WHY? What are you doing. There is no reason not to join.

Sophie McCauseland, Bournville Catering Equipment LTD


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ENSE has been a hugely important part of our growth. We’ve been able to invest in personnel, vehicles and infrastructure directly as a result of our membership. This would have been unattainable without targeting our purchasing through the group.

David Burnett CFSP, Fulcrum Commercial Kitchens


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I made the decision to join ENSE as a supplier back in November 2013. At that stage I did so more retain the business of our existing customers that had already joined the group as distributor members. However ENSE has helped EAIS to expand our customer base and market share within the Industry by introducing and encouraging members to purchase from us and we are very proud to be an award winning supplier to the ENSE group. Bob and Robin’s passion and enthusiasm are infectious and it’s definitely win/win scenario from our point of view. We have gained far more than we ever expected and we always look forward to catching up with friends when attending both the Spring and Autumn conferences, which are always extremely well attended by both sides. Looking back it has turned out to have been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Danny Boore, East Anglian Installation Systems Ltd (EAIS)


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We have been with ENSE since the inception. We have grown our business substantially in fact we just received a 50% growth award which we are delighted about.

Debra A. Kopczunski, Hatco


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Being a supplier partner to ENSE is a vital part of our successful strategic dealer development. While the hard, detailed work is done by our sales teams in the field, the ENSE Conference events give me an opportunity to meet with all ENSE Dealer Partners to gain an overview and personally address any outstanding issues or support further business development opportunities. Working with Bob Adams and the ENSE team brings a unique market overview for the catering equipment supply industry in the UK and Ireland



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"It’s not a competitive environment, we all work together."

Jonathan Bartlett, Valentine


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"I have a broader range of products that I can offer the customer and that means I can find the right thing for the customer at the right time. "

Ian Parsons, Walker Catering Supplies


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Good, stronger, together mentality with members in the group. Everyone is pulling in the same direction


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0 risks with no third parties holding our cash at any point, stronger supply chain relations and a significant boost to the bottom line.


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ENSE IS the backbone of the hospitality industry.

Andy Wood, Cossiga