Celebrating the Distributor Nominees of the Catering Insight Awards

Nominees for Catering Insight Awards 2023

As the catering industry eagerly awaits the annual Catering Insight Awards, sponsored by Rational, it is with great anticipation that we all look forward to this year’s ceremony and dinner. Set to take place at the luxurious Leonardo Royal Hotel St. Paul’s, on Thursday, November 30th, this event promises to be an evening of excellence, showcasing the very best in the industry!


In this article, we will be celebrating the nominees of the Catering Insight Awards in various categories.


Distributor of the Year – Project Management Shortlist:

The distributor of the year – project management shortlist features Sprint Group and TAG Catering Equipment. Both companies have demonstrated excellent project management skills in the catering and hospitality sectors by delivering top-notch projects within budget and on time. The Catering Insight Award is going to be a tight contest between these two companies.


Distributor of the Year – Marketing & Strategy Shortlist:

This industry is competitive, and therefore effective marketing and strategies are essential for success. The shortlist for this category features Whitco Catering & Bakery Equipment, who have demonstrated excellent marketing skills that have helped them stand out in a crowded market.


Distributor of the Year- Business Development Shortlist


Congratulations on this nomination Northern Catering Group! The team has expanded their business enormously in the last 12 months, as well as hiring four new people in their BD roles plus a group-wide director to ensure their goals are streamlined!


Distributor of the Year – South of the UK Shortlist:

The distributor of the year – South of the UK Shortlist features TAG Catering Equipment and Shine Catering Systems. These two companies have demonstrated excellent service delivery to customers in the southern part of the UK. The winner in this category will be the company that has demonstrated exemplary service delivery and customer satisfaction.


Distributor of the Year – North of the UK Shortlist:

The catering industry in the northern part of the UK is vibrant, and this category recognizes the distributors that have made significant contributions to the sector. The shortlist features Catering Projects, NWCE Foodservice Equipment, and RDA, catering equipment companies that have demonstrated excellent service delivery in the northern part of the UK.


Distributor of the Year – Nationwide Shortlist:

This category recognises the catering equipment companies that have demonstrated excellent service delivery nationwide. The shortlist features Airedale Group and Gratte Brothers Foodservice Solutions. These two catering equipment companies have extensive networks across the UK and have delivered excellent projects in different parts of the country.


Distributor of the Year – Digital Initiative Shortlist:

Digital marketing and technology are essential in the modern catering and hospitality industries. The Catering Insight Award recognises companies that have leveraged digital initiatives to enhance their service delivery. The shortlist features Alliance Online, Shine Catering Systems, and Sprint Group, catering equipment companies that have demonstrated excellence in digital marketing and technology through informative online content, new websites, and innovative service tools.


Distributor of the Year – Corporate Social Responsibility Shortlist:

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become essential in the modern business world. This category recognises the passion these two businesses demonstrate for CSR, beyond profit-making. The shortlist features Whitco Catering & Bakery Equipment and RDA, companies that have made notable efforts to give back to their communities. This includes valuing sustainability and charitable fundraising at the very core of what they do.


The Catering Insight Awards have recognised some of the leading catering equipment companies in the UK. We congratulate all the nominees for their excellent contributions to the catering industry. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication these companies have put into their work. We look forward to seeing the winners announced and wish all nominees the best of luck.


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