Partnership Summit & Awards 2024

Partnership Summit & Awards 2024.

A huge thank you to everyone that attended the recent ENSE UK Partnership Summit & Awards 2024 and helped to make it an unforgettable success!

From forming new partnerships to reconnecting with colleagues, partners and old friends, the event was truly one to remember.

Stay tuned for more information about next year's event.

Summit Location

NEC Birmingham

Summit Date

9-11 April 2024

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Our Finalists 


The categories for each award are as follows:

Highest Supplier Growth

πŸ”Ή BGL Rieber
πŸ”Ή Cambro
πŸ”Ή Charvet
πŸ”Ή Panasonic
πŸ”Ή Shire Leasing

Supplier Newcomer of the Year

πŸ”Ή Catering Equipment Solutions
πŸ”Ή Counterline
πŸ”ΉShire Vehicle Solutions
πŸ”Ή Specialist Project Logistics
πŸ”Ή Uropa Distribution

Associated Products and Services Supplier of the Year

πŸ”Ή ACS Group
πŸ”Ή Die-Pat
πŸ”Ή Marlowe
πŸ”Ή PartsTown UK
πŸ”Ή Shire Leasing

Director's Award

πŸ”Ή Bluestone Catering Solutions
πŸ”Ή Bournville Catering Equipment
πŸ”Ή CEBA Solutions
πŸ”Ή Lewisford Group

Distributor Newcomer of the Year

πŸ”Ή Alliance
πŸ”Ή Arolite
πŸ”Ή Aspen
πŸ”Ή Cater-Kwik
πŸ”Ή Cater2

Distributor Highest Growth

πŸ”Ή Bluestone
πŸ”Ή CEBA Solutions
πŸ”Ή GastroNorth
πŸ”Ή Harrison Carr
πŸ”Ή Sylvester Keal

Sales and Service Support Supplier of the Year

πŸ”Ή Blue Badger
πŸ”Ή Blue Seal
πŸ”Ή Maidaid
πŸ”Ή Rational
πŸ”Ή Williams

Heavy Equipment Supplier of the Year

πŸ”Ή Blue Seal
πŸ”Ή Maidaid
πŸ”Ή Meiko
πŸ”Ή Rational

Light Equipment Supplier of the Year

πŸ”Ή Boss
πŸ”Ή Cambro
πŸ”Ή Panasonic
πŸ”Ή Pelsis
πŸ”Ή WaterCare

Equipment Distributor of the Year

πŸ”Ή CCE London
πŸ”Ή CS Catering
πŸ”Ή Gratte Brothers
πŸ”Ή GS Catering
πŸ”Ή Talior Made

Distributor Training Champion

πŸ”Ή CCE London
πŸ”Ή Fulcrum
πŸ”Ή GS Catering
πŸ”Ή ifse
πŸ”Ή UK Catering

Distributor Commitment

πŸ”Ή Airedale
πŸ”Ή Catering Projects
πŸ”Ή GastroNorth
πŸ”Ή Gratte Brothers
πŸ”Ή ScoMac

The Winners

πŸ† Highest Growth: Supplier – Panasonic
πŸ† Highest Growth: Distributor – CEBA
πŸ† Supplier Newcomer – Uropa
πŸ† Training Champion – Tag
πŸ† Distributor Commitment – Scomac
πŸ† Sales & Support – Rational
πŸ† Associated Product & Services Supplier – DiePat
πŸ† Light Equipment Supplier – Cambro
πŸ† Heavy Equipment Supplier – Blue Seal
πŸ† Directors Award – Bournville
πŸ† Distributor of the Year – Gratte Brothers

Summit in Pictures

What do our members love about the ENSE Summits?

  • We have gained far more than we ever expected and we always look forward to catching up with friends when attending both the Spring and Autumn conferences, which are always extremely well attended by both sides.

    Danny Boore – Sales Director, East Anglian Installation Systems Ltd (EAIS)


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