The Best Eco-Friendly Commercial Catering Equipment In 2024

Today’s restaurants have to commit to being eco-friendly at every stage of their operation if they want to boost their bottom line.

A survey of 5,000 UK hospitality consumers found more than a third (34%) of UK pub and restaurant goers are prepared to spend more than usual in venues with strong sustainability credentials.

Commercial catering distributors are all too aware of the importance of restaurants becoming sustainable — but they may not be familiar with some of the innovative technology that helps them get there.

From refrigeration units that limit cold air leakage to commercial dishwashers that help the end user cut their energy consumption by up to 40%, there’s an array of cutting-edge, eco-friendly catering equipment on the market.

We reached out to leading manufacturers to find out how they’re helping the commercial catering industry go green.


Moffat Go-M Multi Zonal Heated Merchandiser 600mm GO12

The product at a glance    

  • Contains two heated shelves
  • 600 mm wide and 880 mm in height
  • Space-saving design allows the end user to offer more food while reducing their carbon footprint
  • Each zone can be set to a specific temperature, which minimises food wastage and overheating of products
  • Zones can be turned off completely when not in use, leading to huge energy reductions
  • Includes eco-friendly Sahara fan technology
  • Uses LED illumination for further energy savings

James Kershaw, National Account Manager for Moffat:

“We launched the Go-M at the start of 2024, and since then, we’ve seen a lot of interest in the product.

Cost of ownership and food waste are important to most clients, and the Go-M helps keep both of these to a minimum.

We include the KWH energy consumption in our product literature, which allows daily, weekly, and yearly operating costs to be calculated.

We also offer a free, no-obligation trial service for the Go-M range that allows customers to try before they buy.”


Cossiga DTGOR12 Deli-to-go Multideck

The product at a glance

  • Holds 3M1 climate classification
  • 1860 mm in height x 780mm deep – 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm widths available
  • Complete cold air retention which minimises energy consumption
  • Under shelf and canopy LED lights for enhanced energy efficiency as well as great product visibility
  • Three sustainable drainage options — internal self-evaporating pan (0.57 KWh/24h), manual empty (no power required), and pump system (0.06KWh/24h)
  • Independent shelf-mounted air curtains for improved product temperature holding
  • Hinged front doors, double glazed glass lockable doors and lockable security shutter (optional)
  • Can be customised in different colour decals or with branding


Jack Rice, Director and Sales Manager for Cossiga

“The DTGOR 12 meets the highly-sought-after 3M1 climate classification. To meet this classification, you must ensure refrigeration across every shelf within the display so that it can safely store perishable products such as meat, poultry, fish, and dairy.

The process behind this is very intuitive. The DTGOR 12 incorporates a shelf system whereby cold air is forced underneath the glass of each shelf and cascades down to the shelf below. This process helps to spread the low temperatures across each shelf in even proportion.

The cold air retention within the DTGOR 12 is clearly another major benefit to end users and their customers. Quite often, when you stand next to a display fridge, you’ll feel cold air coming out of it. But with the DTGOR 12, all the cold air is retained within the display, so you’re not getting any leakage.

To make our DTG multidecks even more energy-efficient, we offer them in various door options — single-glazed hinged and lockable double-glazed sliding. We can also provide the DTGOR 12 with a pull-down lockable shutter.

These door options can help the end user reduce their energy consumption by at least 40% compared to a unit that doesn’t use a door.”


The distributor’s perspective

“We had a request from a client for two refrigerated multidecks, as their existing displays were failing in their high temperature and humidity store.

Having seen the Cossiga multidecks in practice and knowing their specifications, I had no doubt in proposing and selling the DTGOR models.

They not only work brilliantly but they also look the part now they’re installed on-site.”

Rob Aston, Regional Sales Manager for Nisbets


Sammic AX-51BCD Commercial Dishwasher

The product at a glance

  • Wras Approved
  • Compact deep drawn tank that helps the end user cut their water usage by 50% compared to the previous range
  • 500x500mm basket size
  • 380mm entry height/maximum loading capacity which allows the end user to load a wide range of items (see John Lloyd quote below)
  • New hydroblade arms that result in 25% energy savings and 25% detergent savings
  • Energy-saving mode or ‘standby’ for improved efficiency (energy consumption is reduced once 20 minutes without a washing cycle has elapsed)
  • Thermo-acoustic insulation minimises noise emissions and energy usage
  • The hoods can include a steam condenser which reduces the room’s temperature increase by 50%, decreases emitted steam by 75%, and helps the end user cut their energy consumption by up to 40%
  • Double-walled body for energy efficiency and sound deadening
  • Optional integrated water softener for front-loading and hood-type dishwashers, which ensures optimal heating levels and lower electricity
  • Hygiene guarantee — all dishwashers are designed to the DIN 10534 standard


John Lloyd, Sales Director for Sammic:

“The internal height of the AX-51 is a massive selling point. It allows you to store trays, gastronorm containers, GN 1/1 tubs and pizza plates in the machine.

The double basket system means the end user can use two baskets at a time, while the overall design of the machine means it uses less water, energy and chemicals.

The AX-51 is ideal for use in schools, nurseries, care homes, hospitals, and projects — these are the main applications in which our clients are based.”


Hoshizaki Premier K2 Counter

The product at a glance

  • A+ energy rating
  • Climate Class 5 and can operate in maximum ambient temperatures of 40C with 40% RH (Relative Humidity)
  • Features a triple insulation area that limits cold air leakage for maximum efficiency
  • Designed to quickly recover the inside temperature after each door opens and defrosts
  • 24-hour energy consumption of 0.869kWh
  • Annual energy consumption of 317.18 kWh
  • Front-vent design means no airflow is required underneath or at the sides

Roz Scourfield, National Sales Manager for Hoshizaki UK:

“In the heat of a commercial kitchen, only the most energy-efficient refrigeration units will guarantee longevity and, critically, temperature safety.

This is why it is paramount that dealers educate their customers about the best solutions on the market.

Among these leading solutions is our Premier K2 Counter, designed to maintain stable and uniform temperatures whilst keeping energy consumption and costs at a revolutionary low.

Its efficiency has earned it the top A+ rating. Furthermore, all Hoshizaki Premier counters have been tested to Climate Class 5 conditions, meaning they can operate efficiently in busy and virtually tropical kitchen environments.

It has a place in virtually every commercial kitchen.”


Welbilt Delfield C PRO Blast Chiller

The product at a glance:

  • Utilises the environmentally-friendly Delfield hydrocarbon-based refrigeration system
  • Provides a multitude of programs to reduce food waste, automate processes, and deliver consistently delicious food to customers
  • Works as both a standard blast chiller and freezer, ensuring food can be prepared in advance and minimising work during kitchen service
  • Can also slow cook and hot hold food
  • Available as a five, 10, or 16-shelf product
  • End users can choose from more than 20 pre-loaded combined cycles
  • Freedom to combine cycles for optimal planning of production processes


Alistair Farquhar CFSP MIH, National Sales Manager UK & Ireland for Welbilt:

“Reducing waste, saving money and helping end users deliver excellent food to their customers are all major focuses for us — and the Delfield C Pro Blast Chiller exemplifies all of these benefits.

It’s the perfect solution to a myriad of operator issues in the current climate and is indispensable in a commercial kitchen.

It keeps food tasting fresh for longer, reduces food waste and helps kitchens to work smarter.”


The end user’s perspective

“Having the Delfield C5 Pro Blast Chiller within the Live Theatre at International Salon Culinaire at HRC was extremely beneficial.

With so many culinary competitions over the three days, including a number of pastry and plated desserts categories, the C5 Pro provided maximum flexibility for our leading chefs and participants.

To be able to showcase leading technology, such as the C5 Pro, within Salon Culinaire is extremely important as our competitors are used to using the highest quality equipment within their venues.” 

Andrew Pantelli CFSP, Project Director for Montgomery Events


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